The 8th (Jullundur) Brigade Association

The 8th (Jullundur) Brigade was part of the 3rd Lahore Division which was mobilised to France in August 1914. The constituent battalions were the 1st Manchesters (now Duke of Lancaster's Regiment), 47th Sikhs (now 5th Battalion the Sikh Regiment) and 59th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force) (now 1st Battalion (SCINDE) the Frontier Force Regiment).

The three battalions remained together as part of the Jullundur Brigade before, throughout and after the Great War (1912 - 1919), having fought with great distinction in northern France and Flanders, and later in Palestine and Mesopotamia.

The three battalions have remained bonded together in friendship even though they are now part of three different Armies.

The Jullundur Brigade Association is constituted to maintain those close links by regular meetings of its membership, wherever and whenever that is possible.


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