The Inaugural Jullundur Brigade Association Dinner November 1989
Held at 5/8 KINGS officers Mess, Peninsula Barracks, Warrington on Saturday 4th November 1989
Held at 5/8 KINGS officers Mess, Peninsula Barracks, Warrington on Saturday 4th November 1989

Brig Fazle Qadir, Lt Col Roger Hislop, Lt Gen Ahmad Kamal,Maj Gen Peter Davies, Maj Gen Mohindar Singh Chopra, Brig Saeed Ismet, Lt Col Sadaqat Ali Shah

Maj L Taylor-Duff, Maj R Tranter-Owen,Gobindar Singh Chopra, Maj R Young, Capt Khalid Kamal, Maj BWR Baker, Capt D Chatterton, Capt Nadir Khan, Maj K Hastie,Maj FR Baker, Pushpindar Singh Chopra, Capt RA Bonner

HH the Maharajah of Patiala and Maj General Peter Davies at Patiala Palace 1989
1989 HH
This photograph was taken in the grounds of the Patiala Palace immediately preceding and on route to General Davies' first visit to 5 Sikhs in 1989 deployed operationally in the Himalayas.
HH the Maharajah, as Captain Arinder Singh, had served as operations officer with 2nd Royal Sikhs who were briefly part of the Jullundur Brigade when they landed in France in 1914.
5th Sikhs Centenary Parade Jammu Kashmir 2001
2001 Jammu Kashmir

Maj Gen Peter Davies, Mr Pushpinder Singh Chopra, Lt Gen Devraj Singh (Colonel of the 5 SIKHS Regiment who had been CO 5 SIKHS when General Davies paid his inaugural visit to his Battalion in the Himalayas), Col Sir Geoffrey Errington Bt (the previous Colonel the King's Regiment), Col Ian Paterson (Honorary Colonel 5/8 KINGS) at the Centenary Parade. The British Officers were accompanied by a subaltern and eight Kinsman from the Ist Battalion.

Association Meeting New Delhi 2009
New Dehli Meeting 2009

Brig Clive Elderton UK DA India, Pushpinder Singh Chopra, Maj Gen Ashok Mehta 5RGR (FF), President, Lt Gen Marjit Singh Bhuller former Colonel The Sikh Regiment, Sqn Ldr Rana Chinna, Mr Peter Williams.

Informal JBA Dinner - Dehli 2009
2009 Dehli

L-R: Major General Narain Pathania (whose grand-uncle was the legendary Sudedar Major Prabhat Chand of the 59th Scinde Rifles-Frontier Force, who took command of the Battalion during the Battle if Neuve Chapplle when all British officers were casualties).

Major General Ashok Mehta of the 5th (Royal) Gorkha Rilfes (Frontier Force). Major General Peter Davies holding the Jullundur Brigade Shield.
Lt. General Manit Singh Bhullar former Colonel of the Sikh Regiment.

Presentation of the new Sikh Regimental Tie 2009
2009 Sikh Regimental Tie

Lt. General Manjit Singh Bhullar, past Colonel of The Sikh Regiment, presenting the new Sikh Regimental tie to Major General Peter Davies at an informal dinner in Delhi 2009.

JBA Lunch in the Punjab Restaurant 2012
JBA Dinner in New Dehli 2013
Presentation at the 2016 JBA Curry Lunch
2016 Curry Lunch

The President, on behalf of the Ayres family and the JBA, presents a framed plaque to Mr Maan, owner of the Punjab Restaurant in Covent Garden where JBA hold their annual curry lunch.

The framed plaque was originally presented to JBA Member, Lt Col Brian Ayres, on his visit to the 1st Battalion The Frontier Force Regiment in Karachi in October 2004. It shows a delicately and finely embroidered representation of the crest of the Scinde Camel Corps incorporating their motto "Ready Aye Ready".

The Camel Corps became the 59th Regiment and eventually 1 of the Pakistan Army, today retaining the original motto.

JBA Canada Luncheon 2019

The inaugural Curry Luncheon of the Jullundur Brigade Association was held on 14 March 2019 at The Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto.

HCol Don Cranston (The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry)
Capt Tom Foulds ( Secretary JBA (Canada)))
HCol Hari Panday (32 Service Battalion)
HCol John Newman (Former HCol 48th Highlanders of Canada, Presently serving HLCol Canadian Rangers)
HCol (Ret'd) Bob Douglas (The Royal Regt. of Canada (Served with King's Regt, New Territories Hong Kong 1954)
Remembrance Day New Delhi 2019

Images taken at the New Dehli Ware Cemetery where the Service of Remembrance was held, organised by the British High Commission in New Dehli "in the presence of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales".

Our Vice President attended representing the JBA. He reported that The Gorkha Guard of Honour was very smart and the buglers were from the Indian armed forces plus guestss.

The Prince of Wales was charming as usual and when he met our Vice President he remarked that "we had met before" (phenomenal memory or a fantastic diplomat!) Pushpinder was wearing the JBA tie which he admired and when Pushpinder suggested he would send him one, he quipped that "he was not entitled".

Presentation of a mounted 'Piffer' cavalryman 1989
1989 Piffer

Presentation of a mounted 'Piffer' cavalryman to Major General Peter Davies on his inaugral visit in 1989 to 1st (Scinde) Frontier Force Regiment by Brig Fazil Quadir, Commandant the Frontier Force Regiment Centre, and Lt General Ahmad Kamal, late the Frontier Force Regiment and the Corps Commander Peshawar.

Dehli - Jullundur Supper 2009

Major General Peter Davies with Brig Mohammed Iqbal, Defence Advisor of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

JBA Canada Luncheon 2007
Jullunder Luncheon 2007

11 June 2007 - Armour Heights Officers' Mess - Canadian Forces College - Toronto, Ontario Canada

LCol Dave Banks,  Capt N. S. Gill, Capt Harbans S. Nijjar, Consul M.P. Singh, MGen Peter Davies CB, Consul Anwar-Ul-Haq Khawar, LCol Tariq Umar, Maj Fayyaz Shah, JBA Honorary Secretary (Toronto).

The President at the Indian Army War Memorial
2007 war memorial

Major General Peter Davies at the Indian Army War Memorial at Port Arthur near Neuve Chappelle 2007.

HRH the Prince of Wales - Sikh Reception 2008
2008 sikh reception
HRH the Prince of Wales speaking to Pushpinder Singh Chopra and Major General Peter Davies, both wearing the association tie, at a reception for members of the British Sikh community.
Clarence House, London.
Chattri Wreath Laying Service - 26 September 2010
2010 Chattri Wreath

At 12 noon on Sunday 26th September 2010 Members of the Jullundur Brigade Association gathered at the Chattri at Patcham Down, Brighton to attend a Service of re-dedication to those members of the Indian Armed Forces who died serving the Empire in World War 1. They had been brought back to the military hospitals in England but had not survived their injuries and were cremated at the Chattri Memorial site (further details can be found in the Article on the Chattri elsewhere on this website).

The President laid a wreath on behalf of the Association and is seen here with Association Member Flt Lt Cocksedge in front of the Memorial. Also attending on the day were Association Members Capt Peter McCoy and Mr Harbinder Singh Rana.

Jullundur Lunch - London 2010
JBA Annual London Lunch 2013
JBA 2015 India Visit to 5 Sikhs
JBA 1915 India Visit

Vice President, Lt Gen Devraj Singh, Col Ahmit Bhagi (CO), President

The XLVII Sikhs Re-union 2017
JBA Canada Luncheon 2018
IMG_20180724_2109173 (3)

The overseas members of the Jullundur Brigade Association, unable to attend The Punjab Restaurant in Covent Garden, chose to get together in solidarity with those who were able to attend.  The group gathered on 24 July, 2018, holding the Curry Lunch at dinner time at The Host restaurant, who put on an exceptional meal which complemented the exceptional camaraderie.

HCol Hari Panday, 32 Svc Bn; Col R.G. (Bob) Douglas, ex King's and past Honorary x 6; HLCol Don Cranston, RHLI; BGen G.S. (Garry) Thomson, HCol G&SF; JBA Honorary Secretary (Toronto).