The Jullundur Brigade consisted of the 1st Manchesters, 47th Sikhs and the 59th Scinde Rifles. They were stationed in Jullundur under the command of Major General P.M. Carnegy CB.

From 13th – 18th August 1914 all battalions of the Jullundur Brigade had mobilised for France.

In view of the heavy casualties suffered by the British Expeditionary Forces, men, horses, food and Cavalry supplies where involved in a massive 21 ship transportation to Marseilles, landing there on 30th November 1914.

Quote from The Times

“The arrival of the Indian Corps at Marseilles was a landmark in history. No episode in this extraordinary war was more remarkable or, for Britons, more inspiring then the presence of Indian troops on the continent of Europe...

...So it proceeded for hours. The troops filed past [along the streets of Marseilles] to the cries of “Vive l' Angleterre!” “Vivent les Hindous!” “Vivent les Indiens!”...

...When it was dusk and the last troops had gone by, the crowd followed them to their camps at St. Marcel and La Barrasse and Borley, and watched them cook their evening meal while the camp fires twinkled in the dark”.