Part 5 - 1st Manchesters Clear Givenchy

South of Neuve Chapelle the 1st Manchesters were engaged in hand to hand fighting to gain control of Givenchy.

Although they cleared the village and the trenches beyond, heavy shells and machine gun fire resumed in the morning as part of the prolonged German counter attack.

By this point the 1st Manchesters had lost some 200 officers and men in twenty-four hours but their action had bought time and allowed reinforcements to come into the line and restore the situation. Soon, the Jullundur Brigade was now back to strength, and a possible disaster had been averted.

Feat of the 59th Frontier Force

As the Jullundur Brigade moved to concentrate at Pont Logy cross-roads for another attack on the Bois du Blez, the Germans opened intense bombardment on this spot, using every kind of shell. The accuracy and intensity of this bombardment far exceeded anything hitherto experienced. The Jullundur Brigade advanced across the open under heavy fire.

During the advance, the commanding officer of the 59th Frontier Force and three other British Officers were killed and another four wounded, leaving the regiment without any British Officers. The command of the 59th Frontier Force then devolved upon Subedar-Major Parbhat Chand, who took over command. He was later awarded the Military Cross for his outstanding leadership on this day.