Part 9 - Transfer to Mesopotamia

By December 1917 the Indian Corps ceased to exist as the divisions were ordered to withdraw from France.

The Jullundur Brigade comprising the 1st Manchesters, 47th Sikhs and the 59th Rifles were embarked on the H.T. Canada bound for further brigaded service in Mesopotamia*. During this campaign Private George Stringer won his Victoria Cross (see the Article giving the full details).

These three original battalions of the Jullundur Brigade were destined to remain together in the same formation through the later battles in Palestine, not returning to India until the end of the great conflict in 1918.

Note *
The full story of the surviving Jullundur Brigade in Mesopotomia, is containerd in the recent publication (2009) of "Kut 1916" by Patrick Crowley ISBN 978 0 7524 5447 4. The 8th Brigade was then commanded by Brigadier-General SM Edwardes and consisted of:

Ist Manchesters
2nd Rajputs
47th Sikhs
59th Sikhs